Some of the 2012 Speaker topics:

-- Digital Technology for Advanced Manufacturing

-- Polymers and Advanced Materials

-- Advanced NDE Technologies for Quality Control

-- Achieving Near-Zero Breakdown Productivity through Predictive Manufacturing

-- Robotics for Plant Automation

-- Plasma Technology for Surface Modification

-- RFID Technology for Operations and Supply Chain

-- Energy Management through Manufacturing Intelligence


Some of the Speakers for the Forum Series



V.P. of Digital Manufacturing, National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) (Ann Arbor, Mich)

Jon Riley is the Vice President of Digital Manufacturing at the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS).  At the NCMS, he is responsible for identifying partnerships and alliance opportunities to help U.S. manufacturers remain competitive in the global market. To accomplish this, a key element of his strategy is to make advanced development tools such as high performance computing tools, used for evaluating and simulating product designs during the development stage, available to manufacturers of all sizes.

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences fuels innovative solutions for manufacturers. A nonprofit, member-based consortium, the organization’s objective is to drive the global competitiveness of North American Manufacturers through collaboration, innovation, and advanced technologies.

Jon Riley has extensive experience in the areas of R&D, High Performance Computing, business development, design methodologies and strategies along with a clear vision and strong understanding of the benefits that high performance computing will bring to manufacturing in the coming years. He brings more than 20 years of experience in the areas of virtual and physical product development, design and validation.

Prior to his position at the NCMS, he spent 13 years at L&L Products, Inc, a successful Tier I automotive supplier, as an engineering manager responsible for their Composite Body Solutions product line, used for a wide variety of crashworthiness and NVH applications. During this time he led a corporate global initiative to evaluate and implement required resources for the virtual development of these products including people, hardware and software.

Prior to L&L, Jon Riley worked as a dynamics technical specialist in the aerospace industry and in the vehicle safety group at Ford Motor Company. He earned his B.S and M.S. degree in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.


Joe Jacomet

President, Polymer Ohio, Inc. (Columbus, Ohio)

Joe Jacomet recently retired from Battelle after a 35 year career. His final position with Battelle was as Vice-President and General Manager of the Advanced Materials Applications Product Line (AMA). In this role, he was charged with directing the activities of over 100 staff engaged in contract research focused on polymers, plastics, elastomers, coatings, adhesives, composites, and other material-oriented disciplines.

Batelle clients included both domestic and international companies over a diverse range of industries. Aside from his organizational management background, Joe Jacomet has experience as a laboratory chemist focusing on paper technology and polymer applications; market research specialist in the areas of technology assessment and technological forecasting; and program manager including assignments involving large multidisciplinary programs.

At Battelle, Joe Jacomet strategically positioned AMA to provide leadership in creating cutting-edge technologies. The group gained recognition as being particularly creative and annually developed a number of inventions and patents for clients and Battelle. AMA won the prestigious R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazine eight times over the period from 1996 through 2006.

At the time of his retirement, the product line focused on internal Battelle research in the timely areas of biobased products, PEM fuel cell membrane development, and nanomaterials.

Currently, Joe. Jacomet is a member of PolymerOhio's staff serving as a Program Director providing assistance to Ohio's polymer companies, and as Vice-President for Advanced Polymer Company Attraction seeking to attract new companies and jobs to the State of Ohio. Joe Jacomet received his BS in Applied Science from Miami University, and an MBA from Ohio State University.


Dr. Jay Lee

Director, Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS), University of Cincinnati (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Dr. Jay Lee is the founding director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) on Intelligent Maintenance Systems which is a cooperative research center that includes the University of Cincinnati, the University of Michigan, Missouri University of Science & Technology, and over 70 corporate members.

The Center for Intelligent Maintenance Systems (IMS) works with manufacturing companies to implement technology that envisions the future of maintenance as a system  that enables equipment to achieve and sustain near-zero breakdown performance.
Previously, Dr. Lee served as Director for Product Development and Manufacturing at United Technologies Research Center (UTRC), E. Hartford, CT as well as Program Directors for a number of programs at NSF during 1991-1998.

Currently, Dr. Lee serves as advisor to a number of global organizations. In addition, he serves as editors and associate editor for a number of journals including IEEE Transaction on Industrial Informatics, Int. Journal on Prognostics & Health Management (IJPHM), Int. Journal on Service Operations and Informatics, etc,

He has authored/co-authored numerous influential articles and technical papers in the areas of machinery monitory and prognostics, E-manufacturing, and intelligent maintenance systems. He also has a number of patents and trademarks. He is a frequently invited speaker and has delivered over 150 invited keynote and plenary speeches at major international conferences.


Tim Ellenberger

Vice President, Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. (Fremont, Ohio)

Tim Ellenberger is vice president of Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. (MCRI).  He started the company in 1995 with a partner and has grown the business to over $10 million in sales and 45+ employees. 

MCRI, a leading provider of robotic automation solutions, is located in Fremont, Ohio.  Tim Ellenberger was previously employed with GMF Robotics, a joint venture between General Motors Corporation and FANUC North America.  He holds a degree in robotics.

In April 2012, the owners and employees of Motion Controls Robotics, Inc. (MCRI) learned that MCRI was selected as part of the very first group of robotics integrators to earn the designation of “Certified Robot Integrator” from Robotic Industries Association (RIA).

As an example of one of the company's capabilities, Motion Controls Robotics can develop high speed robotic assembly cells using vision to locate all parts and subassemblies, descramble and determine a pick orientation for proper assembly. A high speed robotic assembly system provides a variety of benefits including reduced labor, ergonomic issues and scrap, as well as increased quality and throughput.


Jeong Na

Technology Leader NDE, Edison Welding Institute (EWI) (Columbus, Ohio)

Jeong Na is a Technology Leader covering the nondestructive evaluation and testing activities conducted at EWI. 

EWI is a membership-based company. Manufacturers join EWI to work collaboratively with EWI technologists to improve their manufacturing efficiencies and become more competitive. Along with access to some of the world’s best engineers, technicians, and scientists in materials joining and allied technologies, EWI membership offers free design reviews, free technical reviews, use of EWI facilities, and more.

Jeong has over 25 years of NDE experience in linear and nonlinear ultrasound, opto-acoustics, surface acoustic waves, and eddy current.  He worked at the Nondestructive Evaluation and Sciences Branch in NASA Langley Research Center located in Hampton, Virginia from 1991 to 2001. 

He was scouted to the System Integration Group of General Dynamics located in Dayton, Ohio in 2001 and worked for GD until 2006 before he joined the Nondestructive Evaluation Branch at the Air Force Research Laboratory through the University of Dayton Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio.  He worked at the AFRL for 4 years before joining EWI in September 2010.He has published over 50 technical papers and articles on various aspects of NDE methods, approaches, and materials property characterization.  Jeong has been invited to various NDE-related international conferences as a speaker, session chair, and keynote speaker. 


Dennis C. Carmichael

President and Chief Technology Officer, Cimulus, Inc. (Ann Arbor, Mich)

Dennis Carmichael is President of Cimulus, Inc., a software development and integration company he co-founded in 1995. Cimulus focuses primarily on auto-ID and workflow automation for a wide range of industrial applications, specifically focused on manufacturing.

In one area of the company's business, Cimulus works with clients to implement RFID and process automation inside the factory space.

Dennis Carmichael’s professional experience includes a strong background in engineering and product development, digital electronics, embedded systems and laser optics. He has worked in a number of positions, managing software development teams as well as non-technical staff including a position of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Designer for Alvarado Manufacturing Co. and R&D Engineer for Laser Media, Inc.

Since 1992, Cimulus' record of success has been built on hundreds of successful projects for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurial startups.

A statement from a client of the company describes the value Cimulus attempts to provide, "From my standpoint, what is most impressive is that we view Cimulus as a partner and not as a consulting or contracting firm. Enhanced functionality delivered ahead of schedule and on budget was our first encounter with Cimulus. That's a significant accomplishment," stated Randy Pomerville, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at NSK America Corporation, a manufacturer of high speed rotary cutting instruments headquartered in Schaumburg, Illinois.


Divya Prakash (DP)

Director of Manufacturing Execution Systems Implementation, Matrix Technologies, Inc. (Maumee, Ohio)

Divya Prakash (DP) is an Automation and Control Systems Architect, on Automation and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) projects for customers in a variety of industries.  He is a recognized expert in Information Systems and ERP integration and brings a down-to-earth approach to manufacturing intelligence solutions that help customers realize operation benefits.

Matrix Technologies has developed an area of expertise involving Manufacturing Intelligence Systems. Matrix implements tools to collect and analyze production data that helps to make production equipment run more efficiently. Implementation of dashboards for a production team to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) on a real-time basis ensures that problems are immediately identified and corrective action applied before it impacts production.

Matrix has employed Manufaturing Intelligence Systems that include the capability to manage equipment and plant energy useage. Sustainability projects that include a focus on energy management have brough important benefits to clients. Matrix is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.


George Osenga

Director of Operations,Thierry Corporation (Royal Oak, Michigan)

George Osenga is the Director of Operations for Thierry Plasma, a business unit of Thierry Corporation.  He has worked in industry with atmospheric and low pressure plasma in excess of 20 years.  George Osenga has applied this technology in the areas of cleaning, surface activation, etching, deposition, and coating.  He is comfortable applying plasma technology to a variety of manufacturing industries including automotive, aerospace, sporting goods, medical, life sciences, paper, plastics, electrical, electro-optics, textiles, materials, marine, recreational vehicles, semiconductors and disc-drives. 

Thierry Corporation has focused one of its business operations on plasma technology to support manufacturing operations.  The company has a joint venture partnership with Diener Electronics- Plasma Surface Technology, a German-based corporation and an industry leader in this area.

When plasma (plasma ions) comes into contact with a material, physical and chemical reactions occur on the surface. This results in highly controllable surface modifications. Plasma systems can cleanactivateetchR.I.E., or coat surfaces in ways not achievable by other surfacing technologies. 

Plasma systems differ by technology – low pressure and atmospheric pressure – as well as by size and design.  Thierry offers process development for its customers and also has a systems/equipment leasing service. In addition, the company has a service where customers can send Thierry their parts to receive treatment offsite.  

In addition to a large inventory of standard plasma operating equipment, Thierry also specializes in custom plasma systems built to meet customer needs and requirements. An engineering staff is available to work with coustomers.


(Dr. Stefan Heinemann is unable to attend the session due to a change in position at Fraunhoffer and work requirements taking him out of the country)

(Cancellation) Dr. Stefan Heinemann

Executive Director, Fraunhofer Center for Laser Technology (Plymouth, Michigan)

Dr. Stefan Heinemann has broad management and business experience as well as a strong multi-disciplinary technical background with expertise in optics, physics, electrical and mechanical engineering. He is the Co- Founder of two Michigan-based companies and also serves as the Director of Fraunhofer USA, Center for Laser Technology, where he develops and commercializes new production technologies with light.

Fraunhofer Center for Laser Technology is a non-profit organization providing applied research to foster the use of laser technology.  The organization has a state-of-the-art development center in Plymouth, Michigan with a variety of leading edge equipment designed to provide world-class-technology solutions for manufacturing clients.

Prior to Fraunhofer he held the position af Chief Technology Officer at Visotek and as R&D Director at Jenoptik in Jena Germany. He has acquired and managed a variety of federal and state grants in the area of advanced manufacturing technologies for high brightness diode lasers as well as solar cells and batteries.  Dr.Heinemann earned a diploma in physics from the Technical University of Munich in 1991 and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Berlin in 1994. He holds 49 patents and has more than 150 published works.