Overview: A program to provide support to participating companies that want to reduce their costs (inbound logistics and carrying costs) and improve their operations by having a Supplier locate or expand in close proximity to their operations in the area.

The Supplier Recruitment Program also involves purchasing professionals and other business professionals in obtaining and submitting Project Leads to area economic development officials. These Project Leads involve major Suppliers who currently service Customer companies in the area and who also have a need for a new facility or the expansion of an existing facility.

The program is being set up to also obtain leads for Expansion projects, Retention projects, and other Attraction investments in addition to these Supplier projects.  Any job creation or retention project Lead is being sought by area economic development professionals as part of this program.

Supplier Projects have a higher rate of success -- Every day Purchasing and Operations Professionals in the area are in contact with Suppliers. Periodically during the year these professionals learn of a need by a Supplier for a new plant for additional capacity, a need for an additional facility for a new product line, new technology requiring a new production operation, a new sales office in the midwest, a new distribution warehouse, etc. Many of these Suppliers view these Purchasing and Operations Professionals and their facilities in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan as Major Customers.

The Program uses manufacturing, distribution, service, etc. companies based in the region to have a Supplier consider location of a new facility or expansion of an existing operation in the area. 

One of the key benefits with this Program is that the new facility would be located in proximity to at least one or more Major Customers of the Supplier company.

Another important benefit is that both the Customer and Supplier companies will obtain reduced logistics costs, lower inventory carrying costs, and improvements to their operations.  Participating companies can use this program to increase profitability and improve their competitive position vs. other companies outside the region.

This Lead Generation and Project Recruitment program is offering a $3,000 reward for these project leads.  To avoid any conflict of interest, the reward will be paid to a charity of the recipient's choice.

All project leads submitted are eligible for this reward money.  This includes Expansion projects, Retention projects, other Attraction projects, along with Supplier projects.