Welcome to the Heart of the New Manufacturing Economy.

For those who think this nation is no longer an industrial or manufacturing powerhouse, think again. In America, a new industrial revolution is beginning. And it’s standing everything you
thought you knew about manufacturing on its head. It’s every bit as smart and digital as Silicon Valley software development. In
fact, it incorporates software development. It incorporates open
source product development and other nimble new ways of doing
business, too. And it responds to individual customer and community needs with remarkable sensitivity.


Toledo Region

In fact, this New Manufacturing Economy showcases American imagination and ingenuity—too often regarded as in short supply —at its best.


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The revolution is taking place all over. But not every region is
equally aware of it, equally ready to reap its rewards, or equally
committed to making this revolution all it can be. Among those handful that are, one region stands out: a slice of Northwestern Ohio that’s centered around Toledo. A region that’s been at the heart of industrial activity since the time it was founded as a terminus of the Miami & Erie Canal, then as a key railway center between New York and Chicago, and then as a cornerstone of the automobile industry.