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If your organization is anything like ours, rising healthcare costs are burdensome. We’re initiating new programs designed to motivate staff to take proactive care of themselves and their families – to help improve their quality of life and your bottom line.

When your organization begins one of Symmetry Wellness’ health and wellness programs, your employees will begin to take control of their own healthy lifestyles. By opening the door to positive lifestyle change for your employees, your entire organization will undergo a positive, dynamic change as well.

All of our programs promote good health habits and healthy lifestyles. Balance between our physical, emotional, and social well-being are stressed, and everything is predicated on the principle of self-responsibility. The benefits of improved employee health can include:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Lower medical claims
  • Increased job satisfaction, morale, and work/life balance
  • Employee retention and productivity
Read the wonderful testimonial we received: "About a year ago, my company offered free Wellness Screenings through Symmetry Wellness. I took advantage of this opportunity out of plain curiosity. I knew I was overweight, but never dreamed that my cholesterol levels were as out of control as they turned out to be. I followed up with my physician who suggested changes to my diet and exercise to improve my cholesterol. Well, fast forward a year - I lost 20 pounds, cut my overall cholesterol 11 points, and slashed my triglycerides nearly in half! While I am still working toward getting my cholesterol into a "normal" range, I know that the healthy choices I make every day are steps in the right direction - steps toward a much healthier future."
- Recent Screening Participant

Symmetry Wellness’ wellness philosophy has three main components:

  1. Assessment & Awareness
    An honest look at health status and risks, with support for personal goal setting.
  2. Health Enhancement Programs
    Educational sessions, incentive programs, and wellness coaching to elicit healthful changes.
  3. Tracking / Outcomes Measurement
    Individual and group progress monitoring to quantify results.


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