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Your plans and dreams are too important to entrust to an unproven entity.

Early advice from an experienced contractor can save you thousands of dollars and dramatically lower the risks of construction. We've helped hundreds of customers get the most out of each and every construction dollar.
Our experience can help you too!

The consistent growth of Willson Builders is closely associated with the quality of our personnel. The background and experience of our professional will provide you with a sense of the industry expertise and competence each of us can bring to a project.  Providing customers competitively priced construction, with high value, are the primary goals of our team of professionals.  

Advantages of  Design/Build

  1. You get early cost input from the contractor. A price is put on conceptual design ideas as they are developed.

  2. A GUARANTEED MAXIMUM PRICE can be determined early, right after the scope of the project is established.
  3. Time can be saved because construction can begin before the design is completed. Example: architect could be completing interior designs while the site and foundation work is underway. This technique is called FAST TRACKING.
  4. The need for high cost change orders is eliminated.
  5. Architectural and engineering fees are kept to a minimum, and determined from the beginning.
  6. Contractor fees are kept to a minimum, and determined from the beginning.
  7. Legal fees are kept to a minimum by eliminating the adversary roles.
  8. Construction costs are minimized by using the latest systems and methods that the contractor KNOWS are cost effective.
  9. Chances for misunderstandings are minimized with the team approach.
  10. You get the best ideas from your team members due to the cooperative team spirit.
  11. Realistic completion dates are established by the contractor who will do the work.
  12. You can take advantage of special services such as preliminary feasibility study, value engineering, and life cycle cost analysis.




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