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As published in Toledo Business Journal - October 1, 2015

20/20 Custom Molded Plastics' facility

20/20 Custom Molded Plastics' facility

20/20 Custom Molded Plastics starts $17M expansion in Williams County

20/20 Custom Molded Plastics is spending $17 million to add a 200,000 square foot expansion for housing three new, large machines, and is also expanding its rail spur to accommodate more cars.

According to owner Ron Ernsberger, the machines – one high-pressure injection molding machine and two low-pressure structural foam machines – have already been ordered and construction started, but believes that the expansion won’t be finished until after spring 2016.

“I’m sure we’ll be under roof in the spring, but we’ll probably still be running wires,” he said. “It’s a huge undertaking for a little company like ours.”

“This expansion is going to allow us to keep up with business and expand further,” said Doug Lude, engineering manager. “We’re busting at the seams essentially right now with all the business that we’ve got, that we’ve won, and we’ve got a lot of potential business coming in as well.”

The Regional Growth Partnership (RGP) worked closely with JobsOhio in moving the project forward, which included a $125,000 JobsOhio grant to acquire land necessary for expansion.

“Since 2009, advanced manufacturing jobs in the Toledo / Northwest Ohio region have risen 43%, and just last year, Toledo was ranked the number one US city for advanced manufacturing,” said Dean Monske, president and CEO of the Regional Growth Partnership. “This expansion project at 20/20 further establishes this region as an industry leader.”

Other regional economic development partners playing significant roles in this project included the Williams County Economic Development Corporation and the Ohio Rail Development Commission (ORDC), which awarded a $50,000 grant to extend a rail spur to the company’s site.

Liberty Center based Rupp / Rosebrock, Inc. is the general contractor for this project.

According to Ernsberger, 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics broke ground on its current building in 1999 and started running production in 2001.

Aerial view of the 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics campus

Aerial view of the 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics campus

“We’ve been in production now just over 14 years and I’m pretty proud of what our people have been able to put together,” he said. “We provide a service, we don’t have anything to sell. Our customers are people who have molds that make a product, but they don’t have the machines necessary to run that mold. We provide machine time and use our customer’s mold to make their products for them. You’ll find us in lawn and garden, automotive, just about any category you could name we’re involved in. No customer is more than 10% of our sales, so you’ll see us across about every product line you could name.”

“I think we’re well thought of in the industry,” said Lude. “We’ve been very successful at what we’ve done and we’re seeing that. Also, we had a good showing at the plastics show in Florida this spring. A recovering economy is happening and some of the companies didn’t survive the downturn. Maybe the economy isn’t recovering at the pace that we’re expanding, but I think there was a lot of time there where people weren’t buying or innovating, and now we’re playing catch up.”

20/20 operates presses that include 1,500 ton, 1,000 ton, 725 ton, 500 ton, and 375 ton machines with single part capabilities of up to 200 pounds. Shot-to-shot consistency is monitored by custom controls, built to specifications.

In addition to the expansions, the company also hopes to hire about 50 new employees including machine operators, utility people, supervisors, and other categories of workers. Ernsberger added that the company had been looking for a plastics engineer for over a year and hopes to find one soon.


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